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Guilherme is a Brazilian freelance travel writer. He is the Co-Founder of the Slow Spirit Blog, where he writes about a minimalist, sustainable travel lifestyle.

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Education slang article

An Education in Slang: From Brazilian TTK to Cockney Slang | Smartling

As a professional translator, I have always used movies as a means to improve my vocabulary, to teach expressions to my students or as interesting personal translation projects. Movies help you get acquainted with the pronunciation of foreign languages and also discover unknown colloquialisms; film is a very powerful tool.

Couchsurfing as a learning tool article

Couchsurfing as a Learning Tool | Smartling

Have you ever heard about couchsurfing? If you haven’t, it’s an online platform where people can stay at other people’s places for free. The main goal of couchsurfing is not free accommodation: it provides a deeper connection with the locals; it’s about visiting their city through them.


How Not to Lose Your First Language While Living Abroad | Smartling

One day you wake up and realize you have been living abroad for almost a decade. Amazingly, you are spending 85% of your time speaking a language other than your mother tongue. Many nights you find yourself dreaming in this new language.

Can this experience impair your ability to speak or write in your mother tongue? It can, if you let it.