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Guilherme is a Brazilian freelance travel writer. He is the Co-Founder of the Slow Spirit Blog, where he writes about a minimalist, sustainable travel lifestyle.

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4 Alternatives to Paying for Accommodation | Getting Balance | Finding Happiness and Wellbeing

4 Alternative ideas for accommodation that can save you money!...

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5 Free Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro | Getting Balance | Finding ...

Rio de Janeiro is a magical place, you’ll find great weather, beautiful people, lush nature and everything a big capital can offer. Unfortunately, it comes with a price — and an expensive one! So if you’re coming from a cheaper country like Bolivia and you’re not sure if your money’s going to last, worry no more, there’s plenty of free stuff to do!

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How to Stay Safe in Rio de Janeiro During The Olympics | Getting Balance | Finding Happiness and Wellbeing

Whether you're going to the Olympics or not, if you follow these tips you might save yourself some trouble....